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That they've solved whatever existential puzzle they've been given.As producer, director Leslye Headland told Polygon, this ending is supposed to be left up to interpretation: At the end of the season, we’re not like, “And now they’re immortal! Did they stop the loop, or were their minds just expanded a little bit more, and so now because they understand a little bit of what multidimensionality is, and the fact that we don’t have just one reality, does that mean anything to them? Because one side of the duo is enlightened and the other one isn’t, does that mean they’re destined for failure or does that mean they can come to the same kind of working together? What’s such a good thing not only about this show but about the state of present-day television is that it can be so many things.These first episodes, Nadia is more of a hard-boiled investigator, trying to figure out what the hell is going on. Is she being haunted by the gentrification of an old Jewish school?We learn more about her personal relationships than we do about what exactly is going on in her lonely loop. Where Nadia is haunted by her past and personal demons, Alan's problems are more immediate.delivered a succinct first season of existential drama and mind-bending multiverses that managed to navigate a haunting maze to a satisfying conclusion.So let's talk about the finale, what happened, and what happens next.Nadia saw Alan drunk and struggling in the bodega before she was hit by a taxi and he jumped off his building.

For Nadia that means facing the guilt she has about her mother's death, and passing her childhood book on to another young girl.” “Absolutely not,” Nadia responds, “but I can promise you that you will not be alone.”He's saved, but Original Nadia isn't as easy to convince.In the other parallel timeline, Nadia isn't going to be swayed by some guy she doesn't know.So, Alan convinces their friend at the bodega to call her and tell her that she owes him 2,780.86, the exact price of her Holocaust gold bullion.They walk into Thompson Square Park and the screen splits into two, showing each simultaneous timeline.

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