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It will be necessary to examine, in the first place, the evidence afforded by Greek tradition, and the results yielded by the modern methods of historic inference ; and, in the second place, the resources of the new science of THE LEGEND OF CADMUS.

They counted by sossi and sari^ the sossos being 60, and the saros 60 x 60= 3600.

That the primitive Greek alphabet was obtained by direct transmission from the Phoenicians is indicated by such a unanimous tradition of classical writers that it must be regarded as more than a mere legend.

ig Greek epigraphy must be employed to determine the earliest form of the Greek alphabet, by arranging in chronological sequence the long series of monuments which, though undated, manifestly belong to its earlier stages.

On it was based the Phoenician silver standard, the stater of 230 grains, which became the ordinary standard of Greece.

The light or Baby- lonian talent, on the other hand, found its way by the Euphrates to the Lydians, who constituted the western outpost of the Semitic race ; Lydia, whose capital was Sardis, being in commercial relations with Babylon by the great land trade route which passed through Asia Minor.

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