Jewish dating disabilities

A space built exclusively for walking people is not an appropriate sacred space for ordination.In addition to architectural considerations, we need to build accessibility and equal kavod [honor] into everything we do.The goals are to find a shidduch for everyone, using a personal touch, and to treat each person with sensitivity and compassion.A central telephone number was created for people to call, which will, iy”H, facilitate making appropriate matches.We have been endorsed and are being guided by prominent Rabbonim/Rebbitzens and all the information we obtain is kept strictly confidential.Names remain only within our group of shadchanim and are revealed to a prospective match only after we receive the appropriate consent.

All calls and all information are strictly confidential.

The planned stage for the 2017 Jewish Theological Seminary ordination/investiture ceremony was not wheelchair accessible.

Out of respect for our colleagues and future colleagues, we insisted that a ramp be provided.

A select number of L’Chaim’s trusted Shadchanim have access to the confidential information for the purpose of facilitating appropriate matches. Baruch Hashem, much attention has been given to shidduchim lately.

However, a very important group of people has not been sufficiently addressed.

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