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He received help from various musicians whom he met while attending the Soul Survivor music festivals.Inspired by artists such as Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, and Bryan Adams, Brooks threw himself into music and started to practice singing and composing songs.

He would travel to California for a few months at a time and then return to England for a month, before returning to California again.CG loves singer/songwriter Joe Brooks and if John Mayer is on your i Pod, then you will too. “I’m happy that a long week of golf is in the books, and obviously with your boy Brooks, now we all know who he’s dating, especially me…I wasn’t up on that information,” Buck said.He also continued playing live shows in small venues around Southampton and Bath.While attending college for his Coaching degree, Brooks began to express interest in travelling to America and playing shows there.

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An American professor at Bath, Eric Anderson, helped him arrange for an extended trip to California.

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