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It was the most excruciating thing I have ever endured. Two months later, I was bleeding still and full of infected afterbirth that should have went septic but did not. He was angry because I saw another Urologist one time.

The hospital administrator could not get him to come see me. I fell asleep driving to a physical therapy appointment just after waking up last Dec.

The first section contains a series of questions which the parents answer: the second section is based on observations made by the health worker/GP. The health worker completes 5 observations of the child’s behaviour.

Example question (for parents): "Does your child take an interest in other children?

If your child fails the CHAT then he/she will undergo another screening a month later.

This is not a confirmation of diagnosis: rather it is designed to see if your child is a ’late developer’who will catch up a bit later than many others.

This questionnaire has a simple scoring system which is as follows: ) If your child passes the CHAT then no further tests will be done.

But, this does not always mean that the child will not develop a spectrum disorder at some stage.

So, it may be worthwhile undergoing another CHAT screening at a later date or a similar test.

The one who confirmed my diagnosis later wrote in my chart that he could not see that I had a clear picture of KFS and that I could range my head quite nicely.

C-1 is fused to my skull and there is a space where I have been told it would be easy to break my neck and then C-2 & C-3 are fused. My geneticist confirmed KFS and hemifacial microsomia.

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