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Women were excluded from schools until 1886, when Ewha Hakdang was established. Early marriages were often arranged and can be traced back to the Three Kingdoms of Korea period (57 AD-668).Children about 10 years old could be presented to another family; this was done for both boys and girls.Only the women of the ruling class could enjoy the same privileges of the men in the same class.Although men were allowed to have multiple wives, women were expected to have chastity and were compelled to remain unmarried if their husbands have died.The society commonly believed that a higher age for marriage was associated with inappropriate sexual activity. In Confucianism, men were considered to be positive (yang) and women negative (yin).As yang was considered more dominant than yin, men were considered to be comparably omnipotent, justifying male dominance and discrimination against female.The aforementioned societal norms began to be enforced during the Joseon Dynasty.For instance, chastity of widows were enforced by forbidding the sons and grandsons of remarried women from taking the Gwageo. In the family, women were expected to take care of the family finances.

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In the Joseon dynasty, the legal age for marriage was 15 for boys and 14 for girls.

When a child assumed responsibility for the child's family, the child could marry at the age of 12.

In the Joseon Dynasty, unmarried men and women received a very limited form of sexual education.

The education was focused on methods of becoming pregnant and consequent reproduction.

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