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License to copy this document is granted provided that it is identified as "RSA Data Security, Inc.

Public-Key Cryptography Standards (PKCS)" in all material mentioning or referencing this document. This note gives a layman's introduction to a subset of OSI's Abstract Syntax Notation One (ASN.1), Basic Encoding Rules (BER), and Distinguished Encoding Rules (DER).

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It was Easter weekend, and my dad worried if they needed to tip-toe around their Christianity, remove the bacon from the fridge, hide extra chocolate-filled eggs for the kids. But they are Christians, and they love the United States.

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One of the most complex systems today, and one that also involves a great deal of abstraction, is Open Systems Interconnection (OSI, described in X.200).

Rahim, Rayhanna, Hasib, Layma and Hamsa preferred to stick together in that guest room, though by the time they came my parents were empty-nesters with five rooms to spare. D.’s, had an apartment, a car and a job—inspecting food trays at Dulles.“I'm not one that dismisses the fears of my fellow countrymen,” my dad told me when I asked why he decided to welcome the Ibrahimis into his home.

And the five of them could have stayed for the next five months, as far as Kathy and Rich were concerned. But closing our doors to migrants and refugees is not the answer.

Even my pastor said that God works mysteriously, that some men are used by God to help others.

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