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She insisted on paying for everything throwing my card back at me (which has never happened before being M...usually I pay or split and all is good).

Me not knowing what to believe sent him a Facebook message....for him to respond that they got married (on my birthday nonetheless) and that it wasn’t the first time this has happened....

Plentyoffish had submitted extensive details of hits on the website, but failed to give details of members, customers or revenue in the United Kingdom.

In addition, the hearing officer noted that there was no evidence that visitors to the website from the United Kingdom could become members of the service at the relevant time (ie, April 27 2007, the date of the trademark application).

ILO is a premium online legal update service for major companies and law firms worldwide.Since the business's only income was from advertising, and since all visitors to the website from the United Kingdom (whether members or not) were exposed to the advertising, all UK visitors were to be regarded as customers because the business earned revenue as a result of their visits.The court acknowledged that deciding who constitutes a UK customer from the perspective of a services business can be difficult, and agreed that the concept of 'customers' could include people who receive services for free.He then proceeded to ask me several questions about what happened and for proof.I sent him her number showing I had it and a screen shot of her dating profile.

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