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If WARN notification, even in an abridged form, is not possible due to unforeseen circumstances, management should be prepared to demonstrate not only that the events in question were unanticipated, but also that business decisions made during the period leading up to a plant closure or mass layoff were reasonable under the circumstances.

Employers confronting problems that may lead to workforce reductions, mass layoffs, or the shuttering of a business altogether should be aware of their obligations under WARN and comparable state laws.

Among other things, the regulations prescribe when an employer must give WARN notice, who the employer must notify, how the employer must give notice, and what information the notice must contain. Interestingly, although the bankruptcy court in Flexible Flyer also ruled that the company satisfied the "faltering company" exception in 29 U. Explaining that the bankruptcy court found the unforeseeable-business-circumstances exception to be "by far the most compelling," the court of appeals declined to express any views on this alternative exception to the WARN notification requirements.

The Fifth Circuit addressed the unforeseeable-business-circumstances exception to the federal WARN notification requirement in Flexible Flyer. Flexible-Flyer ("Flexible Flyer") in 1997 to purchase the Flexible Flyer assets out of bankruptcy. However, the issue was apparently never raised in either the bankruptcy or appellate courts. The debtor in Flexible Flyer may also have been exempt from the 60-day WARN notification requirement as a liquidating fiduciary, especially given that the company never attempted to reorganize in chapter 11 instead of shutting down immediately upon the bankruptcy filing. In certain respects, Flexible Flyer is a cautionary tale. It also states that the employer's liability "shall be calculated for the period of the violation, up to a maximum of 60 days, but in no event for more than one half the number of days the employee was employed by the employer." However, if an employer can prove that it shut down operations because either it was a "faltering company" or the shutdown was due to business circumstances "that were not reasonably foreseeable," it need not comply with WARN's 60-day notice provisions. Holding Flexible Flyer liable for a [WARN] violation on the facts found by the bankruptcy court would serve only to encourage employers to abandon companies even when there is some probability of some success.

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