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Once this user finally provided us the correct information in the form of his email address and website, we were able to take care of his requests quickly and with no further issues.We even found an issue in his domain that is held with a different registrar and offered him the instructions on how to fix it.In response to this review, we ask that all of our users provide us with the correct email address and URL of their website with Webnode so that we are able to provide with quick and efficient service.This user did not provide us with either the correct email address or URL to his website so we were unable to locate the correct account.I sent them a message saying - "this is all the info re my blog with you, where is it? There is no live support available and worse yet, they don't timely respond to email.Your online message says that what was the address for my blog is available to be registered". Microsoft and I have invested at least 10 hours trying to resolve email issues.The only way for you to know that the website got suspended is trying to look at the website itself because they'll remove it completely from your created webpage library.

Accounts are being deleted by our system automatically after 6 months of inactivity.

Read my report on Webnode censorship here: https://

lipi=urn:li:page:d_flagship3_profile_view_base_post_details;p ETk UHqt Rcqc IU/En U2i NA== when some thing wrongs comes in mind of them they start blaming, from last 07 yrs my site working with them, every year they blamed me i am doing spamming & link farming like things, I m govt registered & it is safe & secure any one check my site any time i am doing affiliate work from this site, but they suspended my site unneccessary & after lots of requests they reactivate my site & told me stop affiliate work from this site, Its humble request to stay away from them, they are really are rippers & cheaters.

Follow the pointer to where I save the new information and VOILA - It's not there.

Interestingly enough, when confronted Webnode tried to blame the Firefox browser.

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