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There are oftentimes good options out there, but there are never perfect options out there.

So I’m not saying you need to lower your standards if you are getting older and are still single.

I’m just saying it’s something to think about and pray about.

101 is a Christian friendship and singles service for young Christian people and students as well as mature, older single Christian men and women.In person, over the phone, through text, whatever, just ask him if he would be interested in going out to dinner, a movie, or some other event you would enjoy. All in all, whether you are a Christian guy or girl who is getting older, you have to accept that the options are more limited, therefore you should not let good opportunities pass you up.You can’t use the same approach you used when you were 19 or 20. If you are going to error on the side of coming across as too forward or too passive, the older you get the more you want to take chances socially and just see what might happen rather than just waiting around for the other person to do something. Date Outside of Your Social Box This piece of advice applies to anyone who is having trouble meeting other Christians who they would want to date.When we get older, we can either cling to our fantasies and get bitter or depressed that our hopes are never fulfilled; or we can adjust our expectations and learn to appreciate people for who they are rather than pick them apart for who they are not.Many times people say, “There’s just no good options out there.” That might be true, or it might also be true that you just can’t see the good options because your standards are too high and you can’t see over them.

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