Love 90 days deadly dating patterns

One critical piece of advice that will set your mindset to prevent burn-out is: EXPECT NOTHING.

Then when the good ones come along and stick around you will be pleasantly surprised. There are a lot more secrets in They don’t identify and break their Deadly Dating Patterns, the self-sabotaging habits that ruin your love life: longing for the hotties that are just not into you; being too picky; acting like a hermit—are three very common ones.

To maximize your numbers, become a paid subscriber on two online dating sites: one of the larger well-publicized sites, and a boutique or specialized site that caters to your interests, or religious or ethnic background.

In the book I talk about ways to optimize your profile so that men see you first when they search—which means you will have a lot more men connecting with you.

My father and mother shared a lot of quiet and not-so-quiet resentment with sporadic raging fights that spilled over and terrified me.

My students have met and dated doctors, successful artists, and guys worth millions of dollars online!

Recent studies estimate that 23 million people have used online dating, including more than five million people over 55.

Using these techniques, my Love in 90 Days students have had as many as 200 guys to choose from.

They have met music stars, writers, and millionaires online.

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After 25 years of helping thousands directly and through teaching other therapists, I learned how to help women find real, loving relationships in faster and faster ways.

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