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That’s ,000 to ,000 on dates—not to mention all the time and energy you invested.Now what if we told you that for the same amount of money you could meet women who are genuinely interested in dating you?

He had put khaki shorts and the bicycle he was riding was light in color and a mountain bike. Also read: NBA player Tyler Honeycutt dies in a suicide after a police stand-off! There was an official statement released from his office which read as follows:“President George HW Bush was deeply saddened by the tragic circumstances surrounding the untimely passing of Dr.

The famous cardiologist from Houston who had earlier treated President George H. Bush was killed on Friday morning by a bicycle-riding killer. Mark Hausknecht was also bicycling near Texas Medical Center when the incident took place. Mark Hausknecht was on his bicycle and was going for his work.

He was on the South Main Street, near Texas Children’s Pavilion for Women when a shooter passed by him on a bicycle in the other direction and after crossing the doctor turned around and shot two gunshots at the cardiologist from his revolver.

If you’re one of them, think about all the money you already spent on dating women on your own.

Each date probably costs 0, and you’ll have to go on at least 30 to 50 to find someone semi-decent, right?

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