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One day, while on a school trip with Ren and her good friend Yamamoto Shiori (Kita Noa), their bus gets into an accident.When Hotaru wakes up, she is told by Kuro (Koseki Yuta) who is dressed fully in black, “I’m your guide. You are dead.” Hotaru learns that if she does not get over her attachment to three things within 49 days, she will end up becoming a ghost bound to a specific physical location.This passionate young man will have to use his wits and energy to deal with the fools of this world without a fight as he paves the way to his future.

In the summer of 1946, she is taken to Tokachi in Hokkaido by her adoptive father Shibata Takeo (Fujiki Naohito) who was her father’s comrade in arms.Website: Preview: Takane to Hana CM Shousetsu Ou Date: From 22 April 2019 (updated every Monday) Station: Fuji on Demand Scriptwriters: Koyama Shota () Original Work: Shousetsu Ou by Hayami Kazumasa Cast: Shirahama Aran, Koyanagi Yu, Sakuraba Nanami, Kajihara Zen, Nishioka Tokuma, Ono Yuriko, Morita Kanro, Rokkaku Shinji, Ikeda Ryo, Nagami Rea, Sudo Ren Synopsis: Writer Yoshida Toyotaka (Shirahama Aran) is a one-hit wonder who once won a big award in the past but lived in obscurity after that.Feeling the limits of his talent, he is about to end his writing career when he meets Koyanagi Shuntaro (Koyanagi Yu), a third-rate editor who is actually a childhood friend that drifted apart, and Sakura Haruko (Sakuraba Nanami), a fan.He joined an established toy manufacturer as a new recruit.He has big ambitions but there the fools that he must deal with on the road to success – fools that rob people like him of precious time, energy and opportunities and get in his way.

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