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In fact, not being able to talk about those things is a total disservice to what goes on — not just between the sheets, but everywhere else in your relationship, too.

Even if one person makes more than the other, there can still be an equal partnership because each brings what they can to the relationship.

The thing with a mature relationship, though, is that expressing your love for your partner — whether it's with those three words or another way — isn't so scary, and actually feels good and safe every single time.

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In fact some of the dating apps we reviewed only work with an Apple or Android smartphone or tablet.

You can still call in sick to work because the beach is calling your name, and you and your partner can still chase each other down the street with water guns, too.While some arguments may have you wanting to run for the door, being in a mature relationship doesn’t allow you that. You want to talk it all out and address those feelings.It’s not like it just hits you one day, but at some point, you realize that all your future plans include this person, and it’s suddenly not scary.Some people bring out your best, while others bring out your worst.In a mature relationship, your partner brings out your best.

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