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In one study, the authors sold mugs emblazoned with the university logo at a discounted price, and then asked study participants the minimum amount that they would demand to give up their mug.Those who paid cash wanted .71 for the mug (they had paid .95 to buy it just a few minutes earlier).

The researcher team found that the shopping baskets of those who paid with credit cards had a larger proportion of impulsive and unhealthy food items like ice cream, candies, cookies, and potato chips. This is what the authors had to say: “Our conceptualization is based on the premise that when consumers encounter vice products - such as cookies, cakes and pies – the emotive imagery and associated desire trigger impulsive purchase decisions.

Most of our understanding about the effects of paying by cash vs.

using a credit card comes from recent consumer psychology research studying the links between payment method and shopper behavior.

Instead they publicly signaled their commitment towards the item they did purchase.

And finally cash users were more loyal and likely to make a repeat purchase afterwards.

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But those who paid with credit card only wanted $3.83.

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