Mixed gender groups dating and romantic relationships

Although most adolescent relationships last for only a few weeks or months, these early relationships play a pivotal role in the lives of adolescents and are important to developing the capacity for long-term, committed relationships in adulthood.The quality of adolescent romantic relationships can have long lasting effects on self-esteem and shape personal values toward romance, intimate relationships, and sexuality (Barber & Eccles, 2003).Often times, being in a relationship can dramatically effect a person’s life, especially young adults.The importance of this study was to test whether the student was in a relationship or not and if being in a relationship could negatively influence grades.The purpose of this study was to determine if being in a romantic relationship in college has a negative impact on a student’s academic achievement.It is essential for students to understand the consequences of becoming involved in a relationship if they are in their early years of college. The crucial variables in this study were the students who were in a romantic relationship and academics portion of the data from performance survey.

Healthy adolescent romantic relationships are characterized by open communication, high levels of trust, and partners who are relatively close in age.

Youth must be taught the characteristics of healthy relationships, how to differentiate a healthy relationship from an unhealthy one, and how to seek help if they find themselves in unhealthy relationships.

Community and school-based programs can succeed in helping youth develop skills for healthy relationships.

Romantic relationships are at the center of teens' lives, providing formative experiences that can positively and negatively shape their long-term development.

By teaching youth to recognize the characteristics of healthy relationships and helping them develop the communication and interpersonal skills needed to create healthy relationships, we can help ensure that they will have meaningful and fulfilling romantic relationships both in adolescence and into adulthood.

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