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Instead, it’s left to individual platforms to crack down on fake accounts.

OKCupid, for instance, makes it clear in their terms of service that third parties are not allowed to open accounts, and it’s not uncommon for clients’ profiles to get flagged and deleted.

Facebook hopes to steer clear of the reputation that plagues some dating apps, such as Tinder, for simply enabling hookups or “casual encounters,” instead of fostering meaningful relationships, Facebook Dating’s program manager Charmaine Hung told Huffington Post Canada.

The company is also releasing new features to coincide with the launch in the two countries, including one called Second Look, that lets users look back at someone they may have previously passed on.

The expansion to Canada and Thailand will initially begin as signups, Facebook says.

Users won’t be able to immediately browse through matches until enough people have opted into Facebook Dating.

“With [dating apps’] explosion in popularity, it means that you have a huge dating pool at your fingertips, but you’re also in direct competition with everyone else in your area.Another feature lets users take a break from the dating scene by putting the service on pause — similar to the “Snooze” button that Bumble implemented on their own service in September.(Facebook says users can still message people they have already matched while on pause.) According to Tech Crunch, other new features include the ability to review a blocked list, support for non-metric units (for things like range and height) and more interactive profile content.The company’s practices may be unethical—but they’re not illegal.Once the company obtains the client’s permission to impersonate them online, there are no laws against what Closers do.

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