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Google Ads is an important aspect of your comprehensive marketing plan because it allows you to share your business’s story with a wide, yet meaningful audience.Done well, you’ll be able to use your story to move the right people through the stages of their journey toward buying from you.In this For those that aren’t familiar with Bumble, it’s a dating app that allows you to advertise yourself for relationships. Similarly with Google Ads, when you create your ad campaigns, you start by choosing your desired outcome – website traffic, leads, brand awareness, etc.

In September 2009, the founders hired me to be Chief of Content.

As someone who’s involved in strategizing telecom marketing plans for numerous businesses, having the opportunity to create a personalized journey for different buyers to embark on is both challenging and rewarding.

With all of the tools and software at us marketers’ disposal, like Google Ads, there’s unlimited potential to captivate your target audience and turn them into lifelong buyers. In every relationship, there’s a story that comes with it.

Granularity is very important for telecom marketing success.

If you don’t know your top buyer personas, start here first!

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