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This MIT group published their data in Nature and said that the first common ancestor of all humans could have lived as early a couple thousand years before Christ.5. We know that the appearance of humans in America coincided with the disappearance with several large mammal species in the Americas according to the Book of Mormon.

Now that examples of elephant and horse remains have been found, critics claim that according to the radio-carbon and other radio-isotope dating, which they criticize when it comes to the creationism/evolution debate, these North American elephants and horses lived in the American Continent longer than the Book of Mormon says they exist. According to history, the Mammoths and Mastodons and horses in America soon died upon the arrival of the first settlers in America in 10,000 BC (15,000-8,000BC).Thanks to all the global warming and environmental research that has been done, we know that the rate of cosmic rays hitting the atmosphere sending all kinds of strange particles through the Earth and making the various isotopes is not constant but inversely proportional to extent of the solar wind.We also know that when there is a lot of cosmic rays hitting the Earth, there are no Sun spots, and the Earth gets very cold like happened during the Mini Ice Age in the 16-17 dating techniques?The Institute for Religious Research posted on their website a 1998 letter from National Geographic Society stated that they were unaware of any archaeological evidence that would support the Book of Mormon.Critics of the Book of Mormon have argued that there are words and phrases in the book that are anachronistic with archaeological findings.

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Non-Mormon scholars note that the Smithsonian has not retracted any of its previous statements and feel that the response was toned down to avoid negative public relations with Mormons.

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