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is a photo and video app that lets you use your device to manipulate the images on-screen, either by swapping faces with another person live on camera or layering another image over your face.You can then save images or videos to your device's camera roll and share at will.

And now, Facebook and Instagram have taken a page out of Snapchats book and added filters to their platforms as well.It's not even a face swap gone rogue because her face has not been swapped with anything.The Snapchat camera took a photo of what should have been blank space up at the top of her wall, and instead there is a freaky wrinkled face just hovering up there, seemingly looking down on the Snapchat user in question.Since Snap Chat came out, it has provided people with countless filters that bring joy and laughs to our lives.It came out when there were already certain social media giants dominating that industry, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

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