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After completing this mode, you can earn at least 50,000 to 60,000 Ryou. There will be a person inside that tells you which leaf slot machine wins the most.

Dear ninjas, We'll be performing an update for US and EU servers from 22pm on Aug 15 to 6am on Aug 16, 2019(EDT). Unlimited Ninja Operating Team Aug 15, 2019 Dear Ninjas, To provide you with a more enjoyable gaming experience and to provide more competition, we’re going to Merge Servers on July 23, 2019 FOR ABOUT 2 HOURS.

Alternate characters Unlock all characters, then highlight one of the following characters in Versus mode and hold Select to play as their alternate form: Chouji, Lee, Jiroubou, Kidoumaru, Kimimaro, Naruto, Sakon, Sasuke, Gaara, or Tayuya. Easy experience Use the following trick to get over 400 experience points for yourself, over 100 experience points for all characters, and 39 Scrolls. Go to the room where Iruka-Sensei is located (the house in front of Ichiraku Ramen) and talk to him.

Select the "A" rank mission "A Spy Intrudes"; life regenerates battle. Select the second option, then the second option again. Secret Scrolls Successfully complete one of the indicated tasks to unlock a secret Scroll: Curse Mark mode with Anko Anko's ultimate technique usually puts her in Ultimate mode.

Play as Yakushi Kabuto Successfully complete Chapter 3, Mission 10 in Story mode to unlock Yakushi Kabuto. Move from the background to the foreground, keep restoring Chakra, and continue executing Ultimate Jutsus (level 1 so you get three per full Chakra bar).

Play as Yellow Flash (Hokage 4) Unlock all other characters to unlock Hokage 4 (Yellow Flash). Easy money While playing RPG mode and you are inside the Central Area of the Konoha Village, do the following.

Play as Sabaku no Gaara Successfully complete Chapter 2, Mission 7 in Story mode to unlock Sabaku no Gaara.

Play as Sandaime Hokage Successfully complete Chapter 2, Mission 6 in Story mode to unlock Sandaime Hokage.

Please log out before the maintenance to avoid any losses. The servers that will be merged are as followed EU Server(start on pm July 22/am GMT) S001-006 S016-026 S106-112 S214-223 S249-256 S394-400 S408-412 S414-417 S419-421 S423-425 S427-429 S431-433 S434-435 S436-437 S438-439 S440-441 S442-443 S444-445 S446-447 S448-449 US Server(start on 2am EDT/ 7am GMT) S21-35 S217-232 S243-257 S275-291 S307-317 S325...

Note: This game is also titled Naruto: Narutimate Hero 3.

Bonus characters At the main menu, hold R1 R2 and press Square, Triangle, Square, Triangle.

Play as Momochi Zabuza Successfully complete Chapter 1, Mission 3 in Story mode to unlock Momochi Zabuza.

Play as Orochimaru Successfully complete Chapter 2, Mission 6 in Story mode to unlock Orochimaru.

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