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By the way, using music or TV to cover up sounds is pretty much standard etiquette in shared apartments, so that wouldn't be an unusual countermeasure either.

As for "would guys even want to sleep with a deaf girl? They'd be lining up the block even Others are saying that all sounds are good, which is true. If youre unsure if you are loud when you orgasm you could set up your computer to record the sounds of you masturbating.

Mostly about how there clearly seem to be more people who would like it/be indifferent to it than people who would mock me for it.

I can't say I'm not anxious at all now but I'm feeling so much better.

I don't even think I'm conventionally attractive enough for them to deal with it... It makes me incredibly sad to have to go through this.

And if it makes you more comfortable, try it when the roommates are gone.Telling her it's not going to be a problem, or that her partners won't care (especially if they're "not a douchebag") is just plain irresponsible and naïve.I responded too late unfortunately, but long story short - OP is right to be concerned. This unending encouragement and disregard for her anxiety is not going to adequately prepare her for her first encounter(s) and I hope she's getting real advice from someone who's been in her position (or mine).I was horrified, but in that moment, I really, really, REALLY, wished I knew ASL.Oh god, I'm really sorry, but this isn't at all helpful to OP's problem.

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I can't believe the amount of detrimental optimism in this thread.

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