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It happened once in a blue moon that police would come through and conduct a raid of sorts and start to come up to people who were down there and question them and search them. There were lots of drugs, and there was prostitution and other things like that but truly what Giuliani did was forcibly remove that scene from that space.I know there are other spaces to gather today online and elsewhere but there was something truly magical that was lost, and really important for the community.

This black Southern woman named Easter Lily Friar was my babysitter when I was little.

This was before the yuppies moved in and queers were just expected to make noise on Christopher Street on a Friday night until Giuliani came in and kicked us out.

It was around the time of Giuliani's reign where he was starting to make deals with real estate moguls and others.

That was really the beginning of the gentrification of the West Village.

I think Giuliani coming in and doing sweeps and raids and putting homeless LGBT youth of color in prison for the night sent a really strong message to me and to my peers that that we weren't wanted.

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