Nia long and larenz tate dating

Eventually, Witcher met Nia Long through an executive who recommended her.

But the studio wanted Tate and he liked the script.

But perhaps I strained credibility a little too far, because we tested the movie and all of the test cards from black women in the audience made note of the fact that they didn't buy that a black woman, with her hair, would stand in the rain for anybody or anything. I think they thought they would just put it out with his name and open wide and that would be the trick. The reasons why films are successful or not successful is so much more complicated than any blanket statement about marketing. People today are actually quite surprised when I tell them that the movie was not a commercial success on its initial release. Certainly my career was changed by its lack of commercial success just as much as it would have been changed by commercial success.Some things came my way that I passed on, and I have no regrets.Witcher along with Nia Long and Larenz Tate recently gauged the interest of their fan base to determine whether or not people wanted a sequel.You just gotta trust that successes can be defined many different ways, and in my opinion it's a huge success because we're still talking about it. Why can't my movie just have a score like white movies? The movie was taken out of the theaters, and because the soundtrack was received so well, they reopened the film because the people were demanding to see this movie.It tapped into the mood and the vibe of the piece and the time and that subculture that we were introducing a whole new audience to. They figured maybe they got it wrong and tried putting the film out again.

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To this day, fifteen years after the film’s initial release, people still talk about Darius Lovehall and Nina Mosley like they were real people instead of fictional characters.

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