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Perhaps the most dismal aspect of this scenario is that not only are these girlfriends unaware of the intentions of their partners, they are also not treated respectably, and are often cheated upon and dumped as soon as the guy is ready to settle down with his mother’s (daughter-in-law of choice).

This is a shame for the elderly women in our families who, despite being women themselves, not only justify this system but also play a significant role in promoting it.

This ‘girlfriend versus wife’ criterion is considered normal in our society, with the sad reality being that we find advocates of this brutal system in our own families.This is your best opportunity to chat with people from Nigeria.Feel free to bookmark Chat Hour and forward our site to your friends.These comments, unsurprisingly, came from some of my very close male friends and relatives, when I inquired about their plans to marry their girlfriends.After all, Pakistani men are notorious for their double standards in almost all aspects of life, and one such double standard reflects in their substantially different criteria when it comes to choosing a girlfriend and choosing a wife.

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