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After meeting as many Ukrainian women as they like at the clubs, the men can choose to meet up with the women for one on one dates throughout the following week.

They also are allowed to meet up with women that they might have talked to online in the past.

The ten day tour is by no means free however, as there are costs that are associated with many of the steps.

This is apparently part of the plan with many of the women turning off their phones or arranging dates that they have no plan to actually attend.

Their goal is to get foreigners to travel to Odessa to save impoverished young models that are so tired of their way of life that they will jump at the first offer they get from any type of Western Prince Charming to take them away from the country.

While bride industries are nothing new in countries like Asia or Eastern Europe, right now Odessa is the hotspot for men that want to fall in love with their new bride.

A few days ago, I met a girl that is pretty darn close to my physical ideal.

She is about 5’8″ tall, almost dark skin, brown, slightly longer than shoulder length hair, thin hips, about 125 pounds, very pretty face, big, bright eyes, and above all of that, she likes me. She has been married for about 3 months, and been living in Odessa, Ukraine for about 6 months.

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