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So if this is a non-default folder, it will be treated as a “User-created folder”.Q: What’s the impact of a user having lots of Shared calendars opened or just configured in his Outlook profile ?Is the calendar connection opened “on access” or is the connection made everytime the user opens Outlook ?What if the Outlook (2010, 2013) user has checked the “download Shared folders” to cache all Shared folders locally ?var microsoft = microsoft

When this happens trying doing control right-click on the Outlook icon in the system tray and selecting "Connection Status..", then in the window that opens, click on "Reconnect".What has been done so far:- Support ticket with MS, Exch environment "reviewed" and no issues found.- Network config and stability reviewed internally by Network Engineer and with providers, no issues found.- 5 users have Outlook troubleshooting logging enabled but no errors logged, when Inbox is missing incoming email the log doesn't show any delivery from mail servers.- Profiles recreated, OST files recreated, issue persists.- 2 users have host file entries forcing the mail server to resolve to the public IP, they have reported no issues since this change (12 days for 1 user and 2 days for the 2nd user).- MSRPC ALG on the Junipers at HQ and 1 remote site were just disabled yesterday.We're going to open a new ticket with MS but we're also pretty much out of ideas.But if they uncheck the box beneath the shared calendar name, and don’t access it for a while, and then after 1 month they check the box beneath this shared calendar because they need to access it, Outlook will update the data with the data from the last month since last time they accessed it.Updates download of calendars is on access only when “Download Shared folders” is checked on Outlook (2010, 2013) As a summary, if the user has cached mode enabled, calendars will be updated when they will access the calendar, if users doesn’t have cached mode enabled, calendar connection will be on access only as well.

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