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Even where a speaker is an Oxford employee, the University’s statutes governing intellectual property make it non-trivial to establish whether a specific work by an employee is claimed by the University or not (more on this in a later post).

The current processes, formed in relation to the University’s agreement with Apple to join the i Tunes U programme, involve the University taking licences from contributors in a way that allows it to sub-license the material to Apple and podcast listeners.

The rights under copyright needed for the end user’s intended use were granted directly by the resources creator, not sub-licensed by the University. One potential problem the archive had was that many depositing academics had not considered who owned their chosen texts when they came to digitise them.

The Copyright Act 1956 (pdf) – the relevant legislation when the archive was drawing up its original agreements – permitted libraries to make and distribute copies of copyright works as long as the recipient was going to use them for ‘research and private study’.

In this model we would ask external contributors to license their material themselves under a Creative Commons licence, and we would simply provide technical means for the material to be internet-available and appropriately tagged with metadata.

While the intervening years have seen mass digitisation projects like Project Gutenberg and Google Books spring up and eclipse the Oxford Text Archive in terms of sheer bulk of material, the OTA remains a unique window on thirty years of academic electronic text creation and peculiar markup schemes.

Within a few years of its establishment the archive became large enough to need a little more formality in its processes.

Design and manufacture of high speed imaging systems for particle, droplet and bubble size measurement.

Our equipment can provide spray pattern and plume geometry analysis, particle size measurement and PIV.

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Well the material we plan to make available is often owned by entities other than the University of Oxford.

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