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What one item of yours would your spouse love to get rid of?

What are the middle names of your spouse’s parents?

What was the name of the street your spouse grew up on? What is The Groom’s favourite picture of the two of you? What person, character, or sound does The Groom best do an impersonation of? How did The Groom complete this sentence: “(The Bride) is a natural born…” 52.

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It was whilst travelling through Laos by motorbike with my best friend that I stumbled across this young Filipino backpacker.

Apart from the fun and entertainment that the newlywed game questions create, its major aim is usually to know how compatible the couple is. What room in your house would your spouse like to make over?

The questions that are suitable for this kind of game are unique, not usually the kind of question we come across on a normal day to day basis, this is because the questions are targeted for a particular purpose.

Where is the strangest place you have made whoopee?

What is your spouse’s favorite movie theater snack?

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