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So pull up a chair and have a seat at the table with us. Episode Description: In this episode, Ekemini, Michelle, and Christina discuss Ryan Coogler’s blockbuster hit movie, “Black Panther.” Listen in and take a trip to Wakanda as the women of Truth’s Table snatch wigs like Okoye snatched hers and ours!

Our Favorite Episode: Mohler covers a myriad of topics every day, so instead of one particular episode to point you to, we would instead advice you to listen to him to your daily commute or while you’re doing chores around the house to get a Christian take on the world’s breaking news.

When you’re dating, how do you know when you’ve found “the one” that’s right for you? Richard Caldwell and special guest Stuart Sanders discuss the importance of measuring even the dating relationship by the standard of Scripture.

For a believer, this means only pursuing a relationship with someone who knows and loves the Lord Jesus Christ.

They suggest looking within your very own church for a potential spouse, where you can surround yourself with the wisdom and counsel of other believers.

These questions and more are addressed in this episode of the Straight Truth Podcast, as Dr.

Richard Caldwell and Stuart Sanders take us to God’s Word. Josh Philpot, and their guests as they discuss news events, current affairs, and cultural issues from a Biblical point of view. Straight Truth is available as an audio podcast on i Tunes or as a video podcast through You Tube or Vimeo. Philpot, and their guests seek to answer these questions with Biblical truths and from a Christian conservative point of view.

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The Straight Truth Podcast: Christian Opinions in an Increasingly Secular World. Find the truth at Straight Truth Podcast is a weekly opinion show hosted by Dr. The duration of the podcast is approximately 10 minutes. The topics discussed in the Straight Truth Podcast are current events, matters that challenge traditional Christian values, and questions submitted by audience members. The Holy Bible is the inspired, infallible, and inerrant Word of God; it alone is and will be the basis and authority of answering any and all questions.

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