Psychology dating young adulthood

How do their lives at that age compare to your life?

If they were like most other people of their time, their lives were quite different than yours.

Based on the fact that human development is a product of complex interplay of forces that reside within the individual human being and the environment by which he or she is surrounded, it can be proposed that interpersonal interactions and relationships shape individual personality and coping styles.

These dimensions are present in infancy and continue to grow throughout childhood and adulthood.

Based on chemical, biological, experiential, interpersonal, and social factors, different dimensions of temperament manifest themselves over time and across different situations.

What happened to change the twenties so much between their time and our own?

And how should we understand the 18–25 age period today?

In industrialized countries young people just out of high school and into their 20's are spending more time experimenting with potential directions for their lives.

This new way of transitioning into adulthood is different enough from generations past that it is considered a new developmental phase - Emerging Adulthood.

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