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The winning team attracts more participation and more players since a lot of people like to be on the winning team, or will play less on characters on the losing team.

(Historically, that's the only one that has ever done it in Lusternia, though it's at least theoretically possible that game mechanic changes could do it too.) One example of negative feedback in Lusternia is how villages cost more power to guard than they produce. Many organizations have little need to guard their villages at all: if you own both sides of a conflict, don't care about the conflict, or are in a position of power so great no one would dare to raid your villages, and none of your opposition are of the government type that gives them reason to break in in a way that you need to prevent, a village becomes positive net power, whereas if you're unlucky enough to get stuck with one of the few badly designed villages where you have to place guards in two or three places, it becomes so insanely negative net power that no one would even bother to guard them.(You'd have to recalibrate feelings to be gained slightly faster to make up for the drain around a baseline of 2-3 villages, though, but that's also easy.) Unfortunately, I don't see this issue being taken seriously.Worse yet, though I'm still saying the same things now that I said two years ago when my organization was on top and riding a wave of positive feedback, when I say it now, people tend to dismiss it as sour grapes, because whoever is currently the loser always complains like that, and so many people are hypocritical that everyone tends to assume it from everyone else.(Why they refuse to make the very easy fix to those is beyond me.) However, that's one of only very few examples. Village feelings, though they have done many good things, have created another one: controlling a village makes it easy to build up its feelings for you and prevent everyone else from doing the same, which makes it almost certain that a lead in villages will be maintained, and being shut out keeps you shut out.This particular one would be trivially easy to fix, too: just make it so village feelings slowly drain away, but faster the more other villages you have, so you have to spend more time maintaining them, and when you get too many villages, the rate becomes impossible to keep up with.

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