Raymond lam and kate tsui dating

I guess he cares more about if I'll be able to help him with the family business in the future instead.

Although he never directly said that, every parent wants their own son or daughter to be by their side more often.

But from another point of view, he saw that my career is getting better and better in the recent year, my family has always been democratic, my parents continuously encourage and support my showbiz career."Speaking of his career, television series he accepts one after another.

Last year he focused on singing, this year he's holding another concert, Raymond frankly said he's really lucky: "But I know just luck won't get you anywhere, so the most important thing is your personal hard work because when more opportunities are offered to you, then you'll be ready for it.

Opportunities and Luck landing on your hands is meaningless, how a company pushes you is useless and not convincing when your not ready for it." But this year TVB presented him the [Asia-Pacific Most Popular Male Singer] award, stirring up many different comments by the public, does he feel that the love TVB has for him actually became harmful instead?

He said: "My entry into the industry is an opportunity TVB gave me, whatever they decide, I will accept it and trust them.

Raymond said: "Before I got this new one, I used my previous car for 10 years.The old partners met each other years ago while filming and collaborated four times with the latest project being the currently-airing The Princess Wei Young (锦秀未央).3 days after announcing the news, the pair made their first couple appearance at Marie Claire Artistry Style China yesterday, looking oh so fine.As partners in a series and for filming purposes, I did have 'good feelings' for her. Raymond frankly said that each day, all his time is put on work, he has a very tight schedule, so he's always been teased that his life is very 'dry'.Although he's not in a rush to find his 'goddess', but every parent is worried about their children.

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