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Fans of the film based on Nicholas Sparks' book commented on the pair's on-screen chemistry, but when asked about their connection, Schilling responded: "Zac and I?

Oh, noooo." Vanessa Hudgens Okay, so this one we can confirm.

Not only did Zac and Vanessa play on-screen lovers Gabriella and Troy in the High School Musical films, they dated IRL.

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Rihanna, Adriana Lima, Jake Gyllenhaal and Lily Collins were among the celebrities to attend premieres at the 70th edition of the Cannes Film Festival in Southern France.

Because that means you're in a relationship, right??

Zac Efron Just Followed Selena Gomez & Everyone Wants To Know If They're Dating Zac and Lily were first romantically linked way back in 2013 when they were apparently spotted holding hands in Disneyland, but they never addressed rumours of their relationship.However, Daddario dismissed the claims, stating: "I don't know that I started it."We work together closely; he's my love interest in the film.I understand why people would go crazy over something like that, but Zac and I are very good friends."Emily Ratajkowski After working together on set of the 2015 movie, , rumours sparked about Zac and Em Rat.Only ones I can think of now are: wtf were u thinking dude? Then, just a couple of days later, Zac posted another pic of Rebecca and wrote: "I finally looked" with a series of heart eye Emojis.reboot in 2017, fans speculated that Zac Efron was dating co-star Alexandra Daddario (okay, we're spotting a theme here).

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The stunning blonde also boasts over 18k followers on Instagram.

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