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It felt just like a man had cum in me, I was so excited, I came twice in rapid succession and was screaming out loud…Continue reading He fucked me with his huge, thick 10 inch black cock with an engorged head the size of a golf ball, viciously whipping and punishing my mouth, pussy and ass with his man tool for hours on end until he usually came three times. Her body temperature began to rise in her excitement and I could feel her body perspire as it ground down…Continue reading I shoved my hard cock into her married cunt and fucked her doggy while at the same time holding her leash with my left hand, she let out several screams through the gag.

So I was fairly certain that I could handle anything he might plan for me with anyone else…Continue reading Jerking me with her hand, Penny directed my cock at her face and her open mouth just in time, and I blew my hot seed all over her. I stood up so that I was deeper inside her and could hit all her favorite spots, if she buried her head in the pillow I would pull on the chain so she…Continue reading Her throat bulging with the cock of a man who held either side of her head in his hands, sawing his cock back and forth between her full red lips as his balls slapped against her chin and her long braid brushed against his leg.

Here are quick teasers, He fucked me with his huge, thick 10 inch black cock with an engorged head…

String after string of white, sticky cum blasted from my red-hot cock and onto Penny’s face… “If you have never sucked a pussy you might try mine.

With his middle finger Anthony intruded inside of his sister, Natalie moaned and sobbed at the same time. “You’ll take what I give you and beg for more.” With that he once again slammed his cock down my throat until his pubes nestled against my nose…Continue reading I felt his massive cock against my opening and closed my eyes waiting. I felt the head push past my lips and soon into my pussy. But he was so good at being careful for my first time. Continue reading“Come inside mommy baby and then you can cum inside mommy.

And pretty young Jennifer moaning in pleasure under me…Continue reading Pussy juice flooded around my dick and all over the sheets.

I flipped my daughter over and shoved my cock back in her sopping wet pussy and pounded the shit out my little girl.

I could see that I wasn’t the only one turned on in the room. I can tell you have a man with a small dick at home. “Well maybe you can stretch it out with this nice big cock of yours,” I moaned into his ear. You’re married after all,” he said teasing me…Continue reading“Pretend, darling. I inserted my social finger into her cunt and fucked her with it for just a minute or two. I told her to reach between us and guide my prick in.

Pretend I’m dripping with some other man’s cum, and eat me. She did so instantly…Continue reading“Wider baby, scooch up and rub your snatch on my face. Harder Susan, grind that juicy cunt, make me lick you good. ” String after string of white, sticky cum blasted from my red-hot cock and onto Penny’s face.

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