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Founded in 1775, Royal Copenhagen is one of the worlds oldest companies, and for more than 235 years their products have been made with not only the deepest respect for tradition, but also the highest standards of craftsmanship.Today, Royal Copenhagen is a highly distinguished brand, renowned for its exclusive quality porcelain products and its immaculate design.Read more about the various materials and production techniques here: are items that we currently have stored at our warehouse.Items in stock are normally shipped immediately (within 1-4 business days).Now, under the guardianship of Dutch artist Wouter Dolk and the Royal Copenhagen design department, this latest series honors as well the elegance of a blooming flower as the heritage of iconic Pattern no.2, much consideration has been given to the particular combination of form, design, placement and brushstrokes to evoke the grace of a flower on each piece.The softness of the reinterpreted, hand-painted Blue Flower decoration from the 1800s meets a simple, angular shape on every piece in a harmonious union.Derby figures with the incised mark ‘‘ are particularly sought after and date to between c1765 and c1785.The early Chelsea Derby marks can be attributed to the Nottingham Road factory and date to between c1770 and c1784.

The Royal Copenhagen trademarks shown below were used on porcelain and fine china with blue under glazed decorations. Royal Copenhagen Christmas plates, figurines and some porcelain sets.This small line indicates which year the item has been produced.By looking at the small green lines/spots above or under a letter in the trademark you are able to determine the year of production and thereby the age of the porcelain item. on items produced in 1935, the green spot/line is placed above the first letter in the company name (R).To differentiate both the earlier X and V you should check for ENGLAND or MADE IN ENGLAND, the later piece will have MADE IN ENGLAND.All Royal Crown Derby marks can be attributed to one of the three Derby factories.

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