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A C1-D Visa is a crew visa used by foreigners working on cruise ships, fishing vessels, yachts, and airlines. 245(c) generally prevents a foreigner who entered the U. on a C1-D visa from changing status to any other visa status or green card while remaining in the U. Allowing crewmembers to jump ship and remain in the U.

If a C1-D visa holder applies for a green card based on marriage and is denied, the foreigner can be put into removal proceedings. The deportation and unlawful presence bars apply, regardless of marriage to a U.

Call for Assistance — When calling the office, please try and have your passport, I-94 card, if any, and any other entry documents such as your crew contract.On the December 2014 version of the TR1 form, in section 7, there is a reference to the TR-1EN form, this is incorrect, and it should be the TR-8 form.Builder Pavement Plans or Checklist in Lieu of Plans Required Before Requesting an Inspection in DOB NOW: Inspections For all Builder Pavement Plan (BPP) applications, the BPP Plans or the Checklist in Lieu of Plans must be uploaded to DOB NOW: Inspections before an inspection may be requested.Beginning November 7, 2016 all DOB-issued ID card customers who appear at the service window unprepared, will be marked as such and may be subject to disciplinary action.Deactivation of Construction Trade Licenses Effective October 6, 2016, the Department will allow the following licensees to deactivate their licenses while remaining active in their respective trades: Master Plumbers, Master Fire Suppression Piping Contractors, High Pressure Boiler Operating Engineers, Riggers, Sign Hangers, Oil Burners, Site Safety Managers, Hoist Machine Operators, Welders, and Private Elevator Agency Directors/Inspectors.

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Often, it happens that a crewmember disembarks and remains in the U.

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