Scientific dating of paintings

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Freemanart apply whenever possible the application of nondestructive forensic methodology in the forensic examination of fine art.

The accuracy of thermoluminescence dating is only about 15% for a single sample and 7 to 10% for a suite of samples in a single context.

Create fake pottery that will pass the thermoluminescence test One way to pass a fake through a TL test is to expose the newly-made pottery to a high dose of artificial radiation sources, thus fooling the measurement instruments.

However, producing fakes with this method calls for expertise on the subject, as well as expensive instruments.

Instead, a less sophisticated method that would deceive TL testing is to reuse original broken and unmarketable pieces.

We are based in the United States and operate worldwide.We've noticed that you don't have Javascript enabled.Many elements of this site are enhanced or enabled with Javascript, including Lightboxes and Multi-image contact forms.In some cases, the data can stand alone to prove authenticity. Unfortunately there are no affordable direct methods for dating pigments, except in some cases as we will see later.

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