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They might have a succinct description of our emotional state. That’s right: AIM was so fertile and life-giving that But status messages were just the golden filigree of the gorgeous AIM tapestry. I really mean that: As 9/11-jittered American parents were restricting access to the places where we could meet in public—the sociologist danah boyd writes about this in her book, —we had to turn to AIM. We made our first attempts, on AIM, of transfiguring our mysterious and unpredictable thoughts into lively and personable textual performances. We invented our online selves—we invented ourselves. Myspace and Xanga helped us set up temporary and ramshackle museums of our tastes.

Instant messaging, once a special thrill, now sets the texture of our common life. So AIM, my old buddy, don’t feel bad if you see us shedding a tear. For we’ll see you waving from such great heights—“Come down now,” we’ll say.

As important as clothing or the buttons on a backpack, picking just the right song lyrics or inspirational quotes were among the most visible self-installed billboards of personal identity. and cable connections, AIM asserted itself as the dominant service of the time.

It was a place to pay tribute to the senior class or to friends — who were, without fail, the best friends in the whole world. Moss’s parody account, which assumed the character of a teenage girl whose parents were sometimes just THE WORST. Despite the nostalgia on Friday, AIM had gone largely unused for years.

Any time Vivian made him think about his actions, the answer she received from Chris was always one of his stock phrases.

Never did she managed to get him to think about his actions, thus cementing the theory that Chris is egotistical and always thinks he's right.

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