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Then this girl in a slutty leather costume came over and from out of nowhere started rubbing up on me.I was, of course, all thumbs, mentally as well as physically.

Notlob, there's nothing wrong with you that an expensive operation can't prolong." -Graham Chapman, Monty Python's Flying Circus "Dreams are true while they last, and do we not live in dreams? " - Ray Bradbury I lost my virginity when I was 20 to a woman that I loved very very much. I've had sex plenty of times since then with several different women...

Love is what truly matters anyways, if I can't have that then I really don't care much about sex. Someone I care about, and someone who cares about me.

I won't even go to strip clubs, never mind the fact that I've never seen a naked woman in real life before.

I'm in the same situation (turning 23 later this year). I was hung up on the same girl in high school, who just happened to be my best friend's girlfriend, and then after high school I just have never found myself in a position to meet women. I went through that phase of 'I just have to do it, I can't miss out on it anymore,' all the while terrified of the prospect (I just KNOW I would do nothing but embarrass myself in the sack). The idea of a one-night-stand, though never all that appealing to me, became downright appalling.

It's actually not a big deal for me, I guess I have way too many other things to worry about. I seem to have reached a point in my life where, if I ever do finally get to lose my virginity, it has to be with someone special.

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Eventually she tugged down my Santa beard and gave me a little peck on the corner of my mouth, then wandered off into the crowd.

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