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Cerqueira released a statement later via Twitter saying that she and Landry just had a verbal argument, which resulted in someone calling the police.It was a neighbor who had called 911, and the police came but decided that there was no cause for Landry’s arrest or any concern for Cerqueira’s well-being.All this has put the spotlight on Landry, and that includes his personal life, especially since there were allegations of domestic abuse in the past.Now, people want to know more about Jarvis Landry’s girlfriend and baby mama, Estrella Cerqueira. Born on July 29, 1989, Estrella Cerqueira’s age is 29.

People are up-in-arms over Landry for his aggressive play, as this is not the first time that he has done such a thing.

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She admitted that she and Landry were going through a civil family court case and emotions were high on both sides.

She also stressed that she believed Landry would never harm her in any way and made a plea to the media to refrain from spreading any story otherwise.

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