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The study says, "Child care expenses are an absolute necessity for single working parents. So, we wanted to see whether or not a typical single-family household would qualify for assistance from its state, and how much below the qualifying line they fall." In the 'time devoted to work' category, "the author attempted to evaluate if the amount of time a single parent spends working impacts their time spent with family and can increase the amount spent on child care costs, such as if the parent needs to put their child in day care while they are away at work or commuting." The aim of the 'workplace protection score' category was to see how much time single parents could take time off work due to family-related issues. “Otherwise, you run the risk of the kids growing attached to someone who eventually leaves because the relationship was not strong enough to begin with.”8.

“Once the two of you are getting serious, your kids will know and, ideally, they’ll ask to meet your partner,” says Parrott.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially if a positive addition is coming into your life.4. Before you even start meeting up with people, decide what exactly it is you’re looking for in a new partner.

Start with what matters most to you — your values, for example, says Parrott. “Make a list of deal-makers and deal-breakers,” says Parrott. It may sound silly, but it works because you can then tell right away if a person is worth pursuing.

So it makes sense that nine of the top worst single-parent cities, including Houston, scored 0 out of 100 in this category.

Chicago was the only city on the '10 Worst' list that rated a score in this category.

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The study notes that "Blue states" often have more parental protection laws.

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