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Basically, this scenario—supported with solutions like Web Active Directory’s People Password product—occurs when users who don’t regularly log directly into a domain and authenticate against a domain controller forget their Windows password.This includes VPN-connected users as well as users who take advantage of resources like portals that store user credentials in AD.Yes, this sounds like a bummer but it’s actually a good thing.Check out the following excerpt for an explanation.In this case the kernel isn't supported and the result is that on-acceess scanning is disabled.

That is, until the AD credentials and the cached credentials become out of sync.

For example, suppose a mobile user uses a domain account to log on to a laptop that is joined to a domain.

Then, the user takes the laptop to a location where the domain is unavailable.

In other respects Sophos will work fine, so it will update automatically, and you can run manual or scheduled scans.

- There are no supported scenarios for deploying the client software un-managed.

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On networked computers, this occurs once on hour (this is shown as 60 minutes on the status page of the GUI screen).

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