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While the women for consumption on display come in different shapes, sizes, and races, the local club appears as the only space for sociality for African-American men, who turn taking advantage of women’s bodies and women’s bank accounts (they live off of a rich aunt suffering from Alzheimer’s) into their fulltime job.

Milton D ***½ December 24, 2012 good movie, once again the critics crucify a good movies. We all are college friends who were really close at one time and as we get older and move on with our lives we lose contact.

Rating: R (for some sexual content) Genre: Comedy Directed By: Joseph A. Too Cool is the main player of the group, easily wooing the ladies back to the bedroom while Dog is your typical chauvinist pig and Beaver is… Everything is working out fine, until the health inspector (an overweight, body-painted-blue Chris Elliott) denies their club a liquor license unless it is brought up to code, and the guys start to find themselves falling for a few of their conquests. “Speed-Dating” is a funny movie, along the lines of New Zealand’s romantic comedy “Sione’s Wedding.” While not all of the bits seem to connect perfectly (there is definitely the feeling of some scenes existing solely for the jokes contained within them), at least the narrative slides make you laugh.

TOMATOMETER Critics 25% | Audience 40% October 2, 2010 / “Speed-Dating” tells the tale of three bachelors, Too Cool (Wesley Jonathan), Beaver (Leonard Robinson) and Dog (Chico Benymon), who spend their evenings putting on fake “speed dating” events in a effort to get large quantities of women together that they can then pick-and-choose from (while also making some money off the unwitting male and female participants). Why is Chris Elliott blue, and is that Clint Howard scamming on chicks?

Holly has a special appearance in this one; two scenes. I had to watch it in intervals over a period of 3 days. every entertaining, but the blue guy is a little cheesy. Nothing to write home about apart from the 2 main girls are hot :) Ole J ½* February 4, 2011 Bad movie, I thought it at least would have some fun, but most of all its trash, with a couple of old timers from 80-90 series etc.

Have straight men not found other creative ways of attesting their sexual identity without reasserting gayness as some kind of invisible time bomb, a sly Sphinx lurking inside, ready to storm out and castrate everybody?

Apparently one is safe if he is the first to recognize this sneaky queer demon, which must be why Dog points out Beaver’s supposed gayness every other scene. I’ve gotten a taste of what that really is and I’m not that crazy about it personally.

” Howard hanging around in a wheelchair, Reign Morton queening it up, and stand-up Tony T. A homemade vaudeville that’s likable enough to wear you down with its eager-to-please capering.

September 28, 2010 | Rating: 2/4 Kam Williams / The Loop21A titillating tribute to the novel notion of strangers with benefits.

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After Beaver finally goes “gay,” at a club filled with horny gay men ready to eat alive any straight men who dare walk in, he spends the rest of his screen time wearing short shorts, midriff-baring knotted T-shirts, and hosting pool parties.

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