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What we need is someone who understands these important things about those of us who are a little more unconventional: Trying to domesticate us will totally backfire.Full disclosure: we’ll never be the women who make you dinner promptly at 6pm every night and cleans the house until it sparkles.We may not be the perfect housewives, but there won’t be a dull moment when you’re dating a free spirit.If we don’t like you, don’t be surprised if we disappear. If it’s hard for us to explain exactly why we don’t like a guy, it’s probably because he gives off crappy vibes.But that doesn’t mean a man can take advantage of her.She can smell a Toad from a distance and put him in his place.I know of Princesses who run Marathon in the senior category; their figures something to call up envy in any younger woman!Many older women dress well, too, and a well made-up face and well-manicured hands send the signal that she’s a stickler for cleanliness. Men feel that an older woman is more poised and composed, and conducts herself with confidence in public.

That means manipulative dudes who love mind games need to step aside.Her tresses shine with vitality and she oozes charm and sex appeal. After all, the woman has seen it all; there is nothing to fear.Her shimmering attire combined with a well groomed face and hair along with branded hand bags and shoes makes her stand apart among younger girls. Comparatively, a younger girl feels shy and sweats before a date.Being a free spirit and being an emotional person go hand in hand, so when someone has a loser-ish energy to them without explicitly acting like a douchebag, it brings us down too.Instead of trying to explain why we don’t want to be around a guy anymore, it’s easier for us to just stop giving them our attention altogether.

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If you’re the type of guy who craves the stability of owning a bungalow in the nice part of town with an SUV and a house full of furniture you never sit on, we’re not the type of woman you’re looking to wife. We want someone who will either share our passion for pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones and headfirst into situations that both excite and scare us at the same time.

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