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For decades he urged Minnesota officials to face the dangers of drunken driving and embrace seatbelts. — John Palmer, a former university professor, has always had a cause.Cloud, Jeff Johnson, a city councilman, introduced a resolution that would temporarily halt refugee resettlement until a study of its economic impact was completed. Johnson said, after he spoke by phone with officials from the Center for Immigration Studies in Washington, an anti-immigration firm that has gained influence in the Trump era.The resolution was defeated, but its introduction caused significant uproar in St. Cloud Times, ran a series of fact checks to debunk myths about refugees and immigrants.“I’d rather focus on building community than being reactionary,” he said.

Among them was a pro-refugee organization, #Unite Cloud, that has become a prominent force in trying to build relationships and a sense of community across demographics. Cloud resident who formed the #Unite Cloud group, said Mr. Michael, Minn., and has gained prominence for his anti-immigrant stance, said Mr. Cloud was the “epicenter” of anti-Muslim sentiment in the state. Cloud region are good people who refused to step up,” Mr. “But it’s the fact that they don’t want to get involved and makes it seem like St.

Several of the group’s members and their allies said their stand against immigration was a small part of a broader national conflict, in which the rising tide of a multicultural, multiracial Democratic Party must be opposed.

Kim Crockett, the vice president and general counsel of a conservative Minnesota think tank called the Center of the American Experiment, said she intended to eventually sue the state and challenge the resettlement program in court.“I think of America, the great assimilator, as a rubber band, but with this — we’re at the breaking point,” Ms. “These aren’t people coming from Norway, let’s put it that way.

Palmer hosts a group called Concerned Community Citizens, or C-Cubed, which he formed to pressure local officials over the Muslim refugees. Palmer said at a recent meeting he viewed them as innately less intelligent than the “typical” American citizen, as well as a threat.“The very word ‘Islamophobia’ is a false narrative,” Mr. “A phobia is an irrational fear.” Raising his voice, he added, “An irrational fear!

There are many reasons we are not being irrational.”In this predominantly white region of central Minnesota, the influx of Somalis, most of whom are Muslim, has spurred the sort of demographic and cultural shifts that President Trump and right-wing conservatives have stoked fears about for years.

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