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To be honest, I would be weirded out by people who like animal flesh so much that they needed to download an app to match with other people who also love burnt animal flesh. I also wonder that after most of my romantic encounters, though, so I'm rolling with it. My only fear is this: I am pretty sure that scarecrows come alive at night.I can't imagine what a date would be like after you both imbibe tons of spicy food and hot sauce at dinner, while you take turns using the toilet in either one of your studio apartments in between an awkward and bad-tasting make-out session, but it would most likely be a great bonding experience. So my first message to a match would probably be like, "Hey Doug, at night, do scarecrows come alive and are they murderous?This dating app is for those who actually want to date the undead.When signing up for the site, you have some options.While online dating is as mainstream as it has ever been, there are those dating websites that are just a little too weird for mainstream daters. Don’t give up hope just yet, you too can find that person that enjoys drinking Natural Light and attending monster truck rallies as much as you do, and Mullet Passions could be the means to do so. My Free For guys with an egregious amount of money and nothing better to spend it on, and women who MUST HAVE BOOBS. Stay tuned: It’s been rumored that Werewolf Passions is coming soon for all the people that suffer from both insomnia and overly aggressive body hair. Diaper The ones that were, and remain completely infatuated by the style choices of Baby Herman from Disney’s “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” but have a hard time attracting a date.As we make our final approach aboard the love boat – destination: Valentine's Day – finding the perfect partner to share a fondue for two with can seem like nothing more than an alluring mirage.However, you can put down that lasagne for one, because with the explosion of online dating, just about everyone is catered for.

Anyway, I was surprised and pleased to find that Oscar Meyer has a dating app for people who love bacon. Here are some truly weird dating apps (no kink shaming, Furries) to try out when you have Bumbled through your entire city. Jugga LOVE claims to be the "fastest growing relationship site on the web." I want to say that I think that is incorrect and I kind of disagree, but I also do not want to become an arch enemy of the Juggalos — you know, since I'm assuming they read all of my work.

There is also a dating app for Juggalos, for Furries, and for several more strange interests that I don't want to give away because I need you to read this article. Jugga LOVE currently has 2,277 members, but only 684 are Juggalettes, so this is definitely the website to come to if you're looking to meet a man. Plus, dating a Juggalo seems like a great lifestyle choice.

You guys can share makeup, go to concerts, share makeup... Let me tell ya, I've dated a few clowns in my lifetime without going on this app at all!

For example, you can put that you are a female ghost, looking for a male ghost between the ages of 18 and 180, who died either horribly, mysteriously, tragically, or suddenly. If you're not looking to hook up (because apparently ghost bodies are impervious to f*cking), then swipe right on this app to find a boo.

Sizzl is for people who like bacon, and you can swipe right on people who like the same kind of bacon that you do. Also, I could probably live out my lifelong dream of riding around on a tractor, which has always seemed fun to me and something that Sandra Bullock probably does in her free time in her vacation home in Texas.

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