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Set in Greenwich Village, this saw Susan as the hippy daughter of an executive who disappears into the counter-culture when her dad kills the dope-dealing boyfriend who led her to overdose.

Dad then meets up with blue-collar uber-bigot Peter Boyle and the pair go desperately seeking Susan, winding up in the midst of a free-love orgy.

Here Sophia Loren would travel to America to meet her Italian fiance, only to be stopped at customs due to a big sausage she's carrying.

Refusing to compromise, she's held by the authorities, becoming a media personality through the efforts of reporter William Devane.

A call went out for the kind of young people who'd made trouble for the Democrats and Chris and Susan attended the auditions. But she was a bona fide demonstrator and director John G Avildsen (later to hit big with Rocky and The Karate Kid) picked her out of the patchouli-scented throng.

The result was 1970's Joe, a complex examination of contemporary morality that won an Oscar nomination for its screenplay.

She's been involved in some of the most controversial movies of her time, but never been seen as scandal-merchant.

Deciding that New York was the place he'd best hone his thespian talents, he went seeking an agent, taking his wife with him as someone to act against in the audition.

They were shocked when the agent decided to take them both on. And there was more good fortune to come in the scoring of her first feature role.

Her own personal fame was clearly not the main spur for her - she wanted far more, and got it.

She was born Susan Abigail Tomalin on the 4th of October, 1946, in Jackson Heights, New York City, an area of Queens near La Guardia Airport.

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Being Catholics, the Tomalins would favour religious education for their kids and Susan would attend an all-girl, all-white elementary school, run by nuns, before moving on to Edison High School where she'd be a cheerleader.

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