Sysprep error updating registry

Well, keep on reading Simply add a script that sets the the needed registry values during the offline Win PE phase.

So that Windows Store updates and the Consumer Experience features are disabled even before Windows 10 starts the first time. Note #1: The script has a dependency to ZTIUtility.vbs, so if put it into another folder, make sure to copy with it, or update the reference in line 2 of the script.

Get-Win Event -Log Name "Microsoft-Windows-App XDeployment Server/Operational" | Where-Object | Select Time Created, Message | Format-Table -Auto Size -Wrap If you compare the count of apps, from the event log, from a system having the apps being updated or not (by simply putting the command in parentheses, and add a .count), you find that a system allowed to have the apps updated will have over hundred of apps, whereas as system with no Internet access, or updates being disabled will have less than hundred.This package will not function properly in the sysprep image.Error SYSPRP Failed to remove apps for the current user: 0x80073cf2.You go to Microsoft / Windows / App XDeployment-Server / Microsoft-Windows-App XDeployment Server / Operational and filter on Event ID 478 to see successful updates.You can also view this using Power Shell, but you have to use the Get-Win Event cmdlet, because Get-Event Log can handle only classic event logs (System/Setup/Application etc.).

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